I really hate when people say you’re only a teenager, you don’t know about love or life..
Let me explain something, yes I’m only a teenager but I’ve been through a hell of a lot. I know what it is like to feel like complete shit, I know what it’s like to have people look me in my face and walk away like it’s nothing. I know what it is like to put everything into something just to get nothing back.
&& love? I know what it’s like to be completely heart broken but still get up and put my trust into someone again. I know what it is like to slowly and unknowingly fall for someone, to forget all the reasons why I was crying a few months ago and just be happy again, I know how scary it is to know that I can end up hurt again but I won’t give up on the risk. :/
I know what love is and I know how hard life can be.
What makes me as a teenager different is that I’m younger, that’s it. So fuck off cause I’m the one here crying so don’t ever dare tell me that my tears are dumb.